New beginnings

I really started blogging back in 2020, although I posted some stuff before, it's only from that point on that I started posting semi-regularly.

As you may know, my last post on my main blog was back in December 2023, which is already more than half a year ago.

It's this blogging journey that led me to create OverEngine1, that slowly became way more than I thought, now hosting a blog, documentation, a wiki and many other things.

It was originally started as a small experimentation project to learn more about TypeScript which grew way out of scope.

Sadly, as you may also know, burnouts are very real, and I am not exempt to them. This is mainly the reason there hasn't been any blog posts since forever, I can't manage to write any.

This is why I moved here, to Mataroa2 since here, I just have a simple web interface to post, no need to manage hosting, maintenance and everything that makes a small project fun.

Posts here won't be out of the usual, still about tech, random things and also maybe some tutorials thrown in the middle.

As for my old posts, don't worry, they are archived on the Internet Archive already and the website will be up for as long as possible, as I don't believe taking it down will do anything productive.

So, time to update your RSS readers (feed linked below this post), it's time to blog again!

As a test, comments are now enabled on this blog. I trust each and every one of my readers to be civil enough and to behave.

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